• If you lived in South America or Miami, in or around, 1997 you may have seen, a 7 year-old, Suki in a Chevy Blazer commercial dressed as a recreational T-ball player getting chased by her team-mates as she yelled "Es mio! You soy Quarto Bate!"* *translation: "It's mine! I'm forth up to bat"

  • In Japanese Suki means 'like' or 'love'

  • Suki loves to paint and draw. She has a secret dream to live on Montmartre in Paris, France and sell her works on the street while drinking her cafe au lete and eating foi gras whenever possible. (It could happen!) 

New York Times


Look who's on the front page of the TIMES with Alan Cumming! Click HERE to read the full article. 

"the show has expanded in other ways. The human cast adds Suki Lopez as Nina, a bilingual Hispanic neighbor." (HBO’s description says she works at the coin laundry and the bike store; perhaps she needs two jobs to afford premium cable.) 


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